Cryptic Contact Microphones are now available @ Control Voltage

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Pleased to announce that Cryptic Contact Microphones are now available @ Control Voltage in Portland, OR.

cryptic contact mic



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Their recent west coast tour was abruptly cut short when someone attempted to steal their van and in the process destroyed the ignition column rendering it undrivable. The van is still stranded in Oakland, California and the quote to repair and get it back is $1200. Forrest Friends are not only a great band but also very nice dudes. All donations will go directly to the cause. Donations of $10 or more will receive surprise gifts from the Cryptic Carousel vaults. Please help out with any amount you can. Save the arts! Save the van!

Forrest Friends – 40 Winks of Dyer – C40 Cassette (CCR-045)

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What started out as quiet and spacey, in an instant became LOUD, jarring, and chaotic. Right when my mind was trying to catch up with what was happening audibly, I realized half of the duo was missing — only to suddenly turn around and see him parading through the packed crowd playing a kazoo.
I was hooked. I’ll never forget that performance. Forever since I have been one of their biggest fans. -Rachel LeBlanc

Stay tuned for new releases from Forrest Friends, Noisepoetnobody, and Rare Fruit.

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Cassette Duplication and Manufacturing

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We have reduced our standard pricing and are ready to roll on custom duplication orders. Extremely fast turnaround!

Cryptic Carousel Television

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Check out Cryptic Carousel Television!

Dedicated video channels and links for Cryptic Carousel artists and related networks!

New Releases by Pregnant Spore and Joey Chainsaw Now Available!

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CCR-043 :: Pregnant Spore – Black Smoke Sleep – C20 Cassette

Pregnant Spore is Justin Marc Lloyd. Recorded live @ Black Smoke Lodge – November 2011. Charred universal gray hazy desaturated line of sighted sleeping burning chemical fires holding hearts full of healing forever.

CCR-042 :: Joey Chainsaw – Sonic Ejaculant Ghosts – C25 Cassette

“old crap unk guitar drone dirge” – Joey Chainsaw. Recorded in 2007. Mixed & mastered in winter 2011. For Artem Bezu & Sindre Bjerga. Artwork by Joey.